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Organic coffee beans | Miss Adele

Organic coffee beans | Miss Adele

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Mademoiselle Adèle organic coffee is delicate and fruity.

This 100% Arabica harvested in Brazil and Mexico is incredibly fine . It is composed of subtle fruity notes with unparalleled delicacy . Terramoka offers you this package of organic coffee beans of 200 gr .

  • AB certified organic coffee : Organic farming standard
  • Quality Grand Cru coffee (assembled by cup-tasting champion Sébastien Maurer) with the Café d’Excellence designation (SCAE Standard)
  • Ethical and eco-responsible coffee : Terramoka works to remunerate its producers at a fair price.
  • Coffee roasted in France by the three-star French champion (artisanal roasting)
  • Coffee without food allergens (such as egg, red fruit, soy, peanut, wheat) / without additives / without preservatives / without gluten
  • Pure origin coffee
  • Bio-compostable and biodegradable packaging (valve included)
  • We certify you with freshly roasted and ground coffee every week, blended by the French cuptasting champion 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2022: Sébastien Maurer

Bronze medal at the Epicures 2018

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