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Planting kit | My sparkling plant

Planting kit | My sparkling plant

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The sparkling plant or Brède Mafane or Cresson de Para is an edible plant grown and used in Madagascar in the kitchen. It is incredible because the leaf is very easy to grow and sparkles on the tongue.

Grow the sparkling plant at home. Once pushed, put a leaf on your tongue and you will see that it crackles, a bit like fizzy sugar.

What will you discover in the box?

  • Natural terracotta pot 8 cm in diameter
  • Natural terracotta bowl 8 cm in diameter
  • 6 cm strip of dry coconut soil to rehydrate in a little lukewarm water
  • ​Para Watercress Seeds

Our advice: Don't eat it all at once and keep the plant for your friends to try

Most produced:

  • Fun and educational activity
  • Ideal for learning about gardening
  • Indoor cultivation
  • Reproducible seeds
  • This product is assembled in production workshops near Angers.
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