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Arranged white wine spices | The dapper ones

Arranged white wine spices | The dapper ones

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Mixture of spices and recipe to make a fresh white wine in 4 steps.

Lighter but just as fragrant as an arranged rum, our Les Pimpantes spice blend will divinely accompany your aperitifs with friends. For this recipe, no need to wait 3 months to make your arrangement, just one night is enough!

Based on sweet spices, in powder form, in petals and seeds, this mixture goes perfectly with a dry and fruity white wine (avoid sweet wines). Unlike mulled wine, this drink is enjoyed very cold, perfect for the summer season, but can also accompany your desserts in winter.

Net weight : 20g

Ingredients : Mace ⋅ Ginger ⋅ Maniguette ⋅ Rose ⋅ Cloves ⋅ Cinnamon

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