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Embroidery kit | Floral mandala

Embroidery kit | Floral mandala

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Bloom & Wild, the collaboration to embroider nature!

Passionate about DIY, Caroline aka Caro knits is overflowing with ideas so much so that her days are often far too short. On her blog , she shares her knitting, crochet and embroidery tutorials and regularly runs workshops in her beautiful region near Lille. Textile designer and author, she herself describes her world as bohemian and cocooning.

The floral mandala is the most colorful kit in this Bloom & Wild collection ... Flowers, hearts and foliage, a floral pattern that you will enjoy seeing take shape to the rhythm of the dots. Guided by the instructions and the technical notebook, bring softness and delicacy to your wardrobe or to the walls of your interior with this collection of bohemian patterns.

Flowers, plants, leaves... here is embroidery in slow art mode with which we take the time, we slow down for a moment to ourselves .

Inside the kit, everything is provided for creating this poetic embroidery. The embroidery designs are printed on a soluble adhesive sheet that you simply need to stick on the support of your choice: either on the drum and canvas provided in the kit or directly on a garment or accessory.

Embroider the designs on top then run your work under water to see the soluble film magically disappear and thus fully enjoy your embroidery.

THE LITTLE EXTRA! Reversible packaging that can be turned upside down to keep your kit or small belongings while decorating your home! Made from recycled paper, the box is reusable so be careful to carefully open the packaging of your kit by cutting the sticker that closes the box with a cutter. All you have to do is unfold it and then fold it inside out.

Diameter: 12.7 cm

The kit contains:

  • 1 embroidery tower diameter 12.7 cm
  • 1 ecru embroidery canvas
  • 8 skeins of cotton embroidery thread
  • 1 set of 3 embroidery needles
  • 1 sheet of embroidery design printed on a self-adhesive, soluble sheet
  • 1 detailed user manual containing 1 diagram (FR/EN)

Additionally, you will need:

1 pair of scissors

ACTIVITY: modern embroidery

COLORS: green, orange, yellow, pink, blue, purple and gold


TIMING: 6:00 a.m.

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