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Discussion kit | In bed !

Discussion kit | In bed !

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  • A discussion kit to take out at bedtime for a friendly moment
  • 33 “discussion” cards to ask questions and clear your head
  • 33 sweet “pledge” cards to laugh and make fun
  • An alternative to evening stories… for a change!
  • Ideal for children who have difficulty going to bed…

What if you carve out some special time with your child when putting them to bed? With this kit, friendly discussions, relaxation and lovemaking will become your new evening ritual!

There are no game rules, with the “discussion topic” cards, we confide in each other, we ask each other crazy questions, we defuse the little worries of the day! If we don't want to talk, we take a “pledge” (funny but always calm!) 1 minute of head massage, 5 butterfly kisses…

This game is entirely printed in the North of France by certified and eco-responsible labeled printers.

Age: from 4 years old
Format: box of 9 x 12.5 x 3 cm
Content: 33 cards: “discussion topic” + 33 cards: “pledge”

Minus Editions imagines books and games that create a bond between children and their parents.

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