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Marcel et Joachim

Book | Panorama

Book | Panorama

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In this book, there are 100 things to discover: shapes, animals, colors, textures, and much more! On the first double page, observe them, name them and count them. On the next double-page spread, have fun finding them! And don't forget to look for the little mouse!

Small and big things to observe

Count animals in the forest, name colors in the garden, distinguish shapes, opposites, patterns, recognize emotions... Seventeen themes to count, name and discover basic notions while having fun!

On the first double-page, words and concepts are presented, which the child must find on the following double-page.

An original seek-and-find, illustrated by the great Naomi Wilkinson. A beautiful colorful album for children from 2/3 years old.

Size: 20 x 27.8 cm
80 pages.
ISBN: 978-2-38307-019-1

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