The shack

La Cabane d'Antoine is a concept store made in France & made in Europe highlighting small French brands, artisans and creators. It is located at 69 rue de l'Abbé Desplanques in Lambersart (just next to Lille , 4 minutes walk from Lomme-Lambersart metro station).

The concept combines:

  • on the ground floor, an original and eco-responsible gift shop .
  • upstairs, the workshop of a local illustrator artist allowing him to develop his activity and lead creative workshops .

Why Made in France?

The choice of made in France draws its full meaning from the convictions that drive me

Why look further for what you can find nearby?

In the sense that certain products have traveled much further in a month than some people have in a lifetime, leaving a harmful carbon footprint for the planet. Made in France therefore makes sense in terms of ecology.

It is also an ethical choice

Without the need for in-depth research, it is sometimes overwhelming to learn how much the labor that produces what we consume is paid. Promoting made in France means ensuring a fairer salary base.

It is also highlighting know-how that is being lost.

However, I am happy to see a resurgence of crafts, VSEs, SMEs and start-ups on a human scale and defenders of values. Creating the Cabin is my way of supporting this movement and perpetuating it.

By bringing together the previous points, we can understand that it is also a choice for quality

It certainly has a price, but let's do the math: isn't it better to buy something that lasts and has meaning, than something of poor quality, potentially toxic for yourself and for the person who designed it, and which we will use once, twice, maybe never

The little story

Why this name?

For me, the cabin evokes many ideas. We have the cabin that we built with three chairs and blankets when we were little, a place of daydreaming and imagination. The well-kept secret garden. It is also an ode to nature, built from wood and recycled between two trees. Or the shed at the back of the garden, with all the tools, where we tinker. What a workshop. And for Antoine, uh I chose a first name off the top of my head… (FALSE)

Ok for the gift shop, but why a workshop?

Continuing my commitment, it seemed logical to me to be able to help an artist make a living from his dream. In return for the location, he helps me with all brand communication. And above all, we support each other morally! Having a workshop upstairs also allows you to transform a place of passage, such as a shop, into a living space.

Wood and recycled materials are the main materials of the Cabin, both in the furniture and in the items offered for sale.

The creator of the Cabin

I am 34 years old and I am the founder of La Cabane d'Antoine. This project started with a professional questioning a few months before the first confinement. This episode highlighted my real professional aspirations. So I wanted to give meaning to my activity and be able to work in line with my passions.

I then began a whole process of monitoring the creation of a business, accompanied by my loved ones and entrepreneurship professionals.

Above all, those around me presented me with the obvious idea of ​​opening a decoration store. It was indeed a dream that had haunted me for many years. I kept repeating to those around me, as soon as I entered a concept store, how much I would have loved to have this kind of business, that I would have sold such and such items there. And with well-placed butt kicks, there you have it!

It was important to me to be able to offer original objects rich in meaning and history, favorite items that are not found everywhere. But above all to spare you the conflict between your budding love for a product and its dubious provenance: “it’s so beautiful, but it comes from China / Oh I love it, but it was perhaps designed by children”.

Unearthing new gems and new creators is a game I've gotten into, it drives me. I can't see myself offering you products that don't speak to me.

The Cabin Artist

Edouard is a self-taught illustrator artist. After a chaotic professional career, he finally found his vocation during confinement: with the time available to him, he started drawing again every day.

His work is often described as gentle and poetic: he likes to think that he can soften this world by flooding it with pictorial poetry and a few bucolic impulses. He also organizes creative workshops to share his passion.

“I have great pleasure in working on a graphics tablet and recreating, digitally, more traditional artistic effects. So I try to reproduce pencil lines, watercolor washes, and brush strokes imitating paint or gouache while working digitally on Procreate. I also work with linocut and watercolor to stay close to the material and an artisanal approach.

All my designs and illustrations are inspired by textures, flowers, nature, the body, women and animals. In short: the living. I bring it all together while trying to bring to it a dreamlike and bucolic feel that is unique to me. And of course, lots of love!

With ecological and responsible concerns, my illustrations are printed in the Lille metropolitan area and on demand, on premium French paper. This approach is complemented by the care I take with the printing quality and the attention to detail for optimal results. »