Made in France

The choice of made in France draws its full meaning from the convictions that drive me

Why look further for what you can find nearby?

In the sense that certain products have traveled much further in a month than some people have in a lifetime, leaving a harmful carbon footprint for the planet. Made in France therefore makes sense in terms of ecology.

It is also an ethical choice

Without the need for in-depth research, it is sometimes overwhelming to learn how much the labor that produces what we consume is paid. Promoting made in France means ensuring a fairer salary base.

It is also highlighting know-how that is being lost.

However, I am happy to see a resurgence of crafts, VSEs, SMEs and start-ups on a human scale and defenders of values. Creating the Cabin is my way of supporting this movement and perpetuating it.

By bringing together the previous points, we can understand that it is also a choice for quality

It certainly has a price, but let's do the math: isn't it better to buy something that lasts and has meaning, than something of poor quality, potentially toxic for yourself and for the person who designed it, and which we will use once, twice, maybe never

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