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Incense Sticks | Dragonfly

Incense Sticks | Dragonfly

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“Dragonfly” refill format – Jasmine, Palo Santo, Benzoin
40 100% natural incense sticks, made in France , and handmade.
Each stick burns for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, or 3x longer than traditional incense.

  • Top note: Jasmine
  • Heart note: Palo Santo
  • Base Note: Benzoin

Let yourself be carried away by the fresh and floral wind of Dragonfly. A sacred wood whose soul is expressed when the fire releases it, a warm benzoin resin, and a delicious flight of jasmine petals.

Feel the difference!

All our incense is unique , made in France , by hand and with only 6 ingredients – no burner, synthetic perfume, or coloring!

– By combining the ancestral know-how of manufacturing natural incense with that of the greatest perfume houses, we have created an exceptional product: soft, subtle… and which is not stubborn!
– Naturally neutralizes ALL unpleasant everyday odors (kitchen, animals, pipes, etc.) for a long time.
– Naturally repels mosquitoes (thanks Palo Santo wood!)
– Makes your home a real cocoon filled with good smells, good vibes and good energies!
– 100% transparent composition: Sandalwood powder, tonka bean powder, white copal powder, pure vanilla essential oil, gum guar (gum obtained from guar bean), water.

Usage tips :

  1. Choose a well-ventilated space away from potentially flammable objects.
  2. Light the end of your stick and hold the flame until it lights.
  3. Let the flame burn for ten seconds then blow on the flame.
  4. The incense releases its scent after 30 seconds.
  5. Place the stick in an incense holder.
  6. Enjoy a relaxing moment of more than an hour.
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