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Infusion | The 4:24 p.m. with apples

Infusion | The 4:24 p.m. with apples

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Rooibos, apples 🍎 , grapes, cinnamon sticks, vanilla... All the ingredients to make this infusion the gourmet benchmark in our range! 🍪 To consume without moderation, with friends on the weekend, during a snack at grandma's, in front of a series, to take a break from work... 😍

🥞 Infusion without caffeine for snack 🍇 Gourmet and fragrant 🌿 Ingredients natural 💦 Infusion 7/10 minutes

100% natural ingredients : Super Grade Rooibos, grape (grape, vegetable oil), apple, orange peel, flavor, cinnamon sticks, quince, lemon pieces, yellow rose buds, bourbon vanilla

🍵 Brewing time: 7-10 minutes
💦 Water temperature: 90°C
👍 Quantity: 15-20 g / liter
🌱 100 g bulk bag

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