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Game 5 min | Absurd dilemmas

Game 5 min | Absurd dilemmas

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  • 25 scary dilemmas to discuss your little fears or your big scares!
  • You will know everything about the little anxieties of your loved ones
  • A pocket size to take it anywhere and draw it at any time
  • Enough to liven up your moments with family, friends or even colleagues
  • Talk about fears with humor, it will make them lighter!

“Are you no longer afraid of getting lost in the crowd or the forest? To no longer have teeth or hair? What if talking about your little fears or your big scares was a way to put them at bay? Because everything goes better with a little humor, here are 25 impossible dilemmas that will draw you into endless discussions. Boo! You might just die... laughing!

Made in France and a little among our Belgian neighbors.

Age: from 6 years old
Size: 8.5 x 14.5 x 1 cm
Content: 25 cards = 50 questions

This game perfectly complements the collection of 5 minutes of companionable moments.

Minus Editions imagines books and games that create a bond between children and their parents.

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