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Game 5 min | Which of us...

Game 5 min | Which of us...

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  • 50 more or less improbable situations to talk about!
  • But who among us would have the carelessness or the audacity to carry them out?
  • A game to identify each person's personalities with humor
  • A nice moment together as soon as we have 5 minutes
  • The ideal and original gift to play together and discuss

“Which of us… could finish a 250,000 piece puzzle?”
“Which of us… could live without money?”

Cousin Lou? The neighbor across the street? Good Mom? Hmmm you??
You will discover with humor how others perceive each person's personalities. And the answers will be surprising!

Made in France and a little among our Belgian neighbors.

Age: from 6 years old
Size: 8.5 x 14.5 x 1 cm
Content: 25 cards = 50 situations

This game perfectly complements the collection of 5 minutes of companionable moments.

Minus Editions imagines books and games that create a bond between children and their parents.

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