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Cool challenge game | Move it!

Cool challenge game | Move it!

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  • A tool game of 100 cards to get moving!
  • 50 cards to contort yourself without breaking down
  • 50 challenge cards to tackle while moving
  • A great box full of ideas to get excited about
  • The ideal game for restless children or those who need to be active!

Are your children bored, are you out of ideas to get them moving? You don't know how to host a birthday party? Here are 100 cool challenges to stir them up!


Crawling without using their feet, moving forward while looking between their legs, writing their first name with their buttocks... Give them fun, moving challenges!


One arm behind their head, one leg in the air, one hand on the ground... They will combine poses and contort themselves. Be careful not to crack first!

Made in France.

Number of players: 2 or more
Age: from 4 years old

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