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Board game | Pigeon Pigeon | Blue version

Board game | Pigeon Pigeon | Blue version

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Pigeon Pigeon is a quiz game with unusual questions.

But it is above all a game of imagination and bluff in which:
– two teams face off!
– you invent false answers to trap the opposing team! (and that's very, very funny) Pigeon Pigeon is a team game that promises legendary bluff scenes.

Your objective: to invent bogus information, and do everything to make the opposing team believe you.
Multigenerational, funny without being vulgar, Pigeon Pigeon calls on your imagination, your creativity and your sense of bluff.

It's an easy, funny gift, ideal for family or friends who love to laugh :)

From 2 to 10 players / 1 game = 25 minutes.
From 14 years old.
100% made in France.

Content: 440 “question” cards, 32 tokens, 1 answer block, 1 game rule.
Box dimensions: 17 cm x 9.6 cm x 9.2 cm

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