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Cool challenge game | Relax Max!

Cool challenge game | Relax Max!

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  • A real tool to soothe your children
  • Sophrology cards to learn how to calm down in a few minutes
  • Massage cards to pamper yourself with imagination
  • A game that is good for the whole family
  • Ideal if your child is a powerhouse!

Is your child sometimes stressed or quickly annoyed? If you feel like a little quiet time would be welcome. So, quietly open this box which will make him want to relax!

50 SOPHRO CARDS (developed with a sophrologist)

Breathing exercises to calm down, activities to concentrate and games that build self-confidence


Prepare a pizza, imagine the animals escaping from the zoo... These mini stories will guide your hands and inspire you with all kinds of massages!

Made in France.

Number of players: 2 or more
Age: from 4 years old

Minus Editions imagines books and games that create a bond between children and their parents.

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