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Cool challenge game | Crazy hike!

Cool challenge game | Crazy hike!

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  • Finally a game to get the kids walking!
  • 50 fun challenges for family fun
  • 50 original bingos for a treasure hunt
  • A practical format to take on the slightest walk
  • A great tool for parents who love hiking

Do you dream of taking your children for a walk and seeing them frolic... without complaining? So here’s something to make them go crazy for hiking!


Reproduce the animal noises you hear, give first names to insects...

These challenges will help them move forward while having fun, seemingly nothing!


Looking for a feather, finding something that stings... You will transform walks into real treasure hunts!

Made in France.

Number of players: 2 or more
Age: from 4 years old

Minus Editions imagines books and games that create a bond between children and their parents.

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