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Timeless wooden toy | Mini spinning top

Timeless wooden toy | Mini spinning top

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Mini boxwood spinning top with string – Let's play!

This spinning top is part of the Mini Timeless Toys collection, a collection of replicas of our traditional toys in miniature size. Mini Timeless Toys is a durable and quality proposition for a small toy.

Despite its small size, the operation of this spinning top is optimal because it has been made from boxwood, a high quality wood, which stands out for its hardness and density, as well as its smooth and low-porous texture. These characteristics give it the necessary weight so that it can function like a standard-sized router, or even better. In fact, it's almost easier to use than the full-size router.

Like the rest of Me&Mine wooden toys , the mini spinning top was made by hand in the Barcelona region and the paints used are ecological.

Available in 6 colors: pink, yellow, mint, blue, coral, gray.

Packaging dimensions: 5 x 7 x 2 cm

Made in Spain

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