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Reusable cutlery kit | YELLOW

Reusable cutlery kit | YELLOW

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In the Bini nomadic and reusable cutlery set, there is a fork that really bites, a knife that cuts perfectly, chopsticks that grip well, a hollow spoon for nice spoonfuls (if anyone has already understood the concept of flat spoons, call us), in a small, lightweight, portable and ingenious case.

In short, well-designed reusable cutlery, neither too small like those for children, nor too bulky like those in the kitchen drawer.

Made in France.

Your Bini are made with an innovative and natural material (98%) based on wood fiber waste. Therefore, each kit is a little unique and their appearance may vary slightly. In any case, it's solid, easily washable (it's dishwasher safe), light enough to follow you everywhere.

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