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Book to complete | My godfather, my godmother!

Book to complete | My godfather, my godmother!

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  • An ideal gift to ask a loved one to become godfather or godmother
  • Pages of fun activities and discussion topics to share
  • Finally a book to build a great relationship with a godson or goddaughter
  • To definitely succeed in your role as godfather or godmother!

Perhaps you were given this book as a request... Do you want the godfather or godmother of this adorable toddler? Yesssss!!! Too flattered!!!

Perhaps you have come across, right now, THE solution so that your godchild can enjoy a real relationship with you?

It's moving because yes, we will have to fulfill this role on which so many expectations weigh... Don't panic, this book is full of tips and activities to do between godfather or godmother and godchild to learn to better knowing and weaving, over the pages and the years, a complicit and solid relationship.

This fill-in-the-blank book is made near us , with vegetable inks and paper from sustainably managed forests.

Age: from 6 years old
Format: 15 x 21 cm, 60 pages
Supple cover
Color: four-color process and a beautiful pantone blue

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