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Les Petits Zodiaques

Book | Little Sagittarius

Book | Little Sagittarius

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Little Sagittarius

Nov. 23 > Dec. 21

Generous and optimistic, little Sagittarius wants to help the universe, Mother Nature then gives him a bow and a beautiful pony named Sirius.

Little Sagittarius looked towards the sky. A star shone feverishly. He climbed on his pony: “On the way to our first stop: the Night Star”! He grabbed Sirius's mane and he shot into the sky.

Ninth book in the "little zodiacs" collection, funny and poetic books about the characters of the zodiac, to offer all year round (birthday, birth, etc.). For young or old children, alone or for the whole family. Timeless product but with news each month, when the sign changes.

Author: Gaëlle Delahaye

Size: 15 x 21 cm

32 pages - Soft cover, prestige grooved paper.

Printed in France

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