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Les Petits Zodiaques

Book | The Little Bull

Book | The Little Bull

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The Little Bull

April 21 > May 21

Some find him slow and stubborn, others would say rather thoughtful and persevering. In any case, one thing is certain, the little Taurus has his own character and must deal with it when Mother Nature entrusts him with a seed to plant...

Little Taurus was born in mid-spring. Mother nature has put on her most beautiful dress to celebrate flowers and nature is fertile.”

Second book in the "little zodiacs" collection, funny and poetic books about the characters of the zodiac, to offer all year round (birthday, birth, etc.). For young or old children, alone or for the whole family. Timeless product but with news each month, when the sign changes.

Author: Gaëlle Delahaye

Size: 15 x 21 cm

32 pages - Soft cover, prestige grooved paper.

Printed in France

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