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Panda Pailles

Glass straws

Glass straws

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Seeded paper box including 6 classic diameter glass straws and a cleaning brush.

The glass straw boxes are available with 20 cm straws (classic straw height) and with an average diameter.

The cleaning brush is made in France by a brush factory in the Lyon region, existing since 1933 and managed by the creator's grandson.

Planting box: quezako?

The paper used for glass straw boxes is paper that contains seeds! Despite the thickness of the paper which helps protect the straws, the seeds are visible to the naked eye and felt to the touch.

We chose wildflower seeds because they require little maintenance and they are honey-producing! Which means these flowers help bees…

To get flowers, simply plant your box in soil, a planter or a small space where you are sure not to walk in your garden. Cover the paper with about 1 cm of soil and water very regularly. After a few weeks you will see small shoots emerging! After a few months your plants will be big and flowers will come in spring.

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