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Glitter | Sleepless night

Glitter | Sleepless night

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A blend of pearly herbal glitter Sleepless night with superb pink, green and blue reflections , in all sizes, and above all 100% plastic-free.

Guaranteed without harmful products, nanoparticles, cruelty-free 💖

Discover our Nuit Blanche glitter! Our Pure pearlescent glitter blends are:

- Guaranteed 100% plastic-free
- Without harmful products or nanoparticles
- Cruelly-free

Perfect for all festive occasions such as the New Year, a birthday or even a wedding, they can be integrated into your homemade cosmetics and used on the skin. Make up your eyes, your cheeks, color your hair or beard, add color everywhere on your body as you wish! 🔥

The 5ml pot will allow you to make around twenty festival make-ups.

Composition & capacity:

Ingredients: Rayon, Glycerin, Aqua (Water), Shellac, Urea, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Silica, Tin Oxide.

⭐️ 5ml pot (3.5 to 4g): the perfect dose to take with you in the evening! Allows around twenty makeup applications.

These plant-based glitters are made in Germany and are then mixed and packaged in Paris and the Paris region.

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