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Magnetic soap dish | Chamarrel

Magnetic soap dish | Chamarrel

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The best ally of solid soaps is the minimalist soap dish!

The French accessory for more hygienic, aesthetic and durable solid care, by Chamarrel®.
100% recyclable box made from recycled paper and grass containing 1 minimalist magnetic soap dish Made in France .

Its advantages :
– FRENCH: supports French craftsmanship and boosts the local economic fabric
– POWERFUL: the only one to support up to 200 grams vertically with such a small suction cup
– SOLIDARITY: contributes through its manufacturing to the integration through work of people with disabilities
– PRACTICAL: almost invisible, it is mobile and attaches without drilling or gluing.
– ECONOMIC: quick and complete drying guaranteed. Extended soap life.
– AESTHETICS: the soap is enhanced. As in levitation, it remains vertical on smooth, clean walls without any roughness (earthenware, mirror, window, sink, bathtub).

Compatible with all types of solid care products (soaps, shampoos, etc.) except crumbly products.

How to use the minimalist zero waste soap dish?
You have the choice of placing the suction cup on any clean and smooth surface (without rough edges).

Install your suction cup in the desired location (earthenware, sink, bathtub, shower, etc.). Push the stainless capsule into the soap, preferably in the center of one of its faces. If it is dry, you can moisten it so that the capsule is easier to penetrate. All you have to do is wash your hands and reposition the metal capsule in contact with the suction cup: the magnet will automatically act and the soap will attach itself.

Please note, during the first uses, it is recommended to slide the soap to detach it from the suction cup. Otherwise, the capsule may come loose. After 8 hours, the capsule becomes one with the solid soap and you can use it normally.

The advantages of the minimalist soap dish:
It is a minimalist product which nevertheless has its small effect. Being completely invisible, it brings real added value to your bathroom. Say goodbye to soap that sits in its juice and opt for this much more practical solution.

With the suction cup soap dish, add style to your bathroom. If having a solid soap may seem somewhat backward to some, this preconceived idea has now been brushed aside. In total levitation, it catches the eye and makes you want to adopt this zero waste alternative!

It is also cleaner than a classic soap dish, because it leaves no deposit on the corner of your bathtub or sink. In addition, the soap can dry on all its sides without one remaining in contact with the bottom of the conventional soap dish.

It is a minimalist bathroom accessory that also frees up space around your bathtub or sink. It requires no maintenance and adapts to all situations. Easy to use, it makes life even easier for the little ones (under parental supervision).

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