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GreenMa HEAVY TEA | Organic green tea

GreenMa HEAVY TEA | Organic green tea

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Tea against jokes that only make you laugh!

Organic mint-ginger green tea. A very aromatic green tea with peppermint and ginger to help with better digestion. 75g.

An exclusive collaboration between the Parisian brand Félicie Aussi, known for its caustic humor, and GreenMa, known for the quality of its organic teas. A quirky gift that will make an impact.

Our recipes will always be as high quality, the idea being to add a touch of humor while maintaining our quality promise.

Ingredients : Gunpowder green tea*, ginger*, peppermint,* mallow*, ground ginger*. * from organic farming.

Tasting tips
To be enjoyed at 75°, let it steep for 2 to 3 minutes no more otherwise the tea will be bitter. With theine. If you want to detheinate your tea, discard the first infusion. Considering the quality of the whole leaves that we offer, you can re-infuse the same leaves up to 4 times.

We have chosen elegant anti-UV smoked glass jars with an aluminum lid for optimal conservation. Why glass? GreenMa is committed to a zero plastic approach. Glass is a neutral, natural and 100% recyclable material (infinitely) which allows us to preserve the aromas of plants and preserve our planet.

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