Creative workshops

Welcome to our creative universe!

The workshops take place on the first floor of the Cabin, a true paradise for inventive minds and art lovers. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned artist looking for new inspiration, we have everything you need to let your imagination run wild.

The different disciplines

Discover a range of varied and captivating workshops organized by Edouard Rowehy and led by enthusiasts of the field. Whether it is linocut , watercolor , vegetable dyeing , embroidery , tufting , macramé or even the manufacture of recycled paper , we offer a wide range of possibilities for all tastes.

Who are our creative workshops for?

Our workshops are designed to be accessible from 12 years old , without any skill level. You will be supervised by talented and caring artists who will guide you step by step in your creative process . The objective is to allow you to explore new techniques, to perfect your talents and above all, to have fun in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

A moment of sharing

You will also be able to meet other enthusiasts during our collective workshop sessions, thus encouraging exchanges and enriching artistic encounters . You will share your common passion over a hot or refreshing drink while enriching yourself with the ideas and perspectives of other participants.