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Organic floral water mist | Anti fear

Organic floral water mist | Anti fear

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Anti-fear mist based on organic floral water.

A “magic” spray designed not only to soothe children's fears, but also to help children recognize them and therefore better manage their emotions.

The anti-fear mist is composed of peppermint floral water. Peppermint is known for its tonic and stimulating properties.
The hydrosol comes from distillation by steam extraction of the plant.
The mint used here, harvested by hand, is cultivated in the heart of the Baronnies massif, in Drôme Provençale .

Use from 2 years:
– sprayed into the atmosphere
– in the crook of the wrists
– as a pillow mist

Capacity: 50 ml
Bottle dimensions: 3.5 cm (d) x 12 cm (h)

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