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Les Abeilles de Malescot

Organic box | White tea and nectar honey

Organic box | White tea and nectar honey

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White Tea Box Bergamot Marigold Flowers and Certified Organic Nectar Honey

White tea, the most refined and rarest of teas . It is one of the first teas harvested since it comes from young dried shoots and buds.

Our Pai Mu Dan Tea – which means white peony – is combined with Sencha Green Tea for a subtle fragrant blend. What could be better to accompany this delicate tea than a citrus fruit as confidential as bergamot ? Fruity and tangy, rose and cornflower for a floral note and a little nod to our bees

Composition of 20 organic muslin tea bags 

Pai Mu Dan white tea from China, sencha green tea from China, marigold flowers, natural bergamot fruit flavor, rose petals, cornflower flowers (from non-EU organic farming)

Infusion time for white bergamot and marigold tea

 2 to 3 minutes at 75°C

Jar of nectar honey

Capacity: 125g – certified Organic 100% Lot-et-Garonne

Our cardboard packaging is recyclable – the plant-based bag is compostable – and our muslin bags are guaranteed organic and made in Brittany.

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