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Game of 7 families | Super critters

Game of 7 families | Super critters

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  • A game of 7 families to learn things and chat!
  • 35 animals, each more incredible than the last
  • Questions to discover them and others to discover YOU
  • A really fun way to discover little-known critters
  • A great game to have a great time with the family!

With this game of 7 families who deserve each other, you will play but also learn things and test your knowledge while having fun.

7 families of 5 cards, 70 questions to ask each other in turn and draw in the car,
at the beach, by the fire, for an aperitif…

Each card offers 1 funny MCQ about an incredible animal, and another is either an open question to ask yourself or a fun challenge to take on.

Knowing nothing about zoology is no big deal. You have every chance of winning!

Which family(s) will you win?


From the nudibranch to the boxer crab to the immortal jellyfish… but yes, you already know some things about these critters but not everything!! We guarantee it!!

And then each card contains a question to ask yourself, to better know the super person that YOU ARE!

Made in France and a little in Belgium.

Age: from 7 years old
Size: 8.5 x 14.5 x 1.5 cm
Content: 35 character cards = 70 questions

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