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Upcycled floor lamp | Cannes

Upcycled floor lamp | Cannes

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Using the principle of crutches and their height adjustment, the Cannes floor lamp allows a multitude of positions, going from reading light to floor lamp, while the ball joints allow you to adjust the orientation and depth of the lighting.

All wooden elements come from scraps from the Maud Supplies workshop.

The crutches which constitute the framework of the lamp post come from industrial waste from our partner Herdegen, a manufacturer of medical equipment in France. The combination of the two materials allows for Ultra Durable Agile Furniture, a true MAUD piece of furniture. 90% of the furniture comes from materials intended for the dumpster. The remaining 10% concerns electrical elements, safety and standards linked to the requirements of the luminaire.

Each Cannes floor lamp is made from French materials and assembled in our workshops in Bouzy la Forêt. One Cannes lamp post manufactured = 2.5kg of waste saved

Bulb (not included): e14 socket (led or halogen). Recommended power: 50/60 Hz
Color: black
Materials: aluminum canes and scraps of wood

Made in Loiret

long. 40 cm / width. 40 cm / high. 170cm

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