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Birth Atelier

Standard Moon | Moumoute

Standard Moon | Moumoute

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Moon decoration with moumoute effect

A birth gift to give?
A birth list to finish?
A little treat to treat yourself?
You are in the right place !

Size : H 20 cm - L 15 cm.

Moons made by hand with lots of love in the Birth workshop near Lille.

The Medium support is designed from recycled sawdust, cut less than 10km from Lille, selected for its quality and low impact on the environment ( benefits from the PSF Label ensuring good management of French forests ) and the wire moumoute effect comes from the Netherlands.

To place on a piece of furniture, to hang, or to hang against a wall, it is the ideal accessory for decorating the interiors of young and old in a gentle and playful way. And it’s THE perfect piece for a lovely birth gift!

Each piece is unique.

– Please note: this product is not a toy but a decorative object. Do not leave within reach of children. –

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